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A few decades ago, artificial grass took hold in sports complexes. The benefits were numerous. Maintenance-free is big for indoor and outdoor sports facilities. A huge overhead saver and it meant grounds could be open year-round.

Since then, indoor sports pitches have doubled-down on fake grass pitches -realising that today’s technology in synthetic grass is tough enough to cope with the demands of a kid’s party. No damage and easily cleaned. Like it never happened.

Sounds perfect. Reign it in with a reality check.

There’s more than one type of fake grass and not all are suited to the same purposes. Some types of artificial grass are course enough for a pitch and putt course with others having longer grass blades to mimic real grass and even touches of brown through it using brushed in sand.

The type of artificial grass you choose needs to be selected for its use and not just the look. Some are harder wearing and best suited to high foot traffic areas where other less course synthetic materials would break down and tear faster.

Scot Turf stock and supply a range of artificial grass types suitable for whatever your intended use is.


Discover the Benefits of Artificial Grass laid by the Scot Turf Team


No matter your attraction to artificial grass, Scot Turf can advise on the best type of synthetic material for the purpose you need it for.

All types are indistinguishable from real grass.

High quality, highest-rated hygiene option you’ll get from grass as it’s easily brushed and can even be hosed clean. Water still drains, the materials are hard-wearing so can withstand a huge trampoline and a play area without it affecting the grass quality.

Better yet, When you choose Scot Turf for your artificial lawn needs, we will…
• Provide the most thorough groundwork to ensure there’s no lumps, bumps or visible joins on completion
• Supply and install your new artificial grass
• Leave no trace of our being around. No fuss, no mess and certainly no regrets.

How We Are Able to Always Expertly Lay Fake Grass in Edinburgh


Your decision to switch to fake grass is only the start of a whole new chapter. There’s a lot to consider before the turf touches ground, which is a very good reason to only work with experts in synthetic grass instead of trying to DIY it. One thing you can count on with every member of the Scot Turf team is we can guarantee a professionally laid fake lawn area for one reason: We know what we’re doing.


We always assess the area the synthetic grass will go before supplying and laying it. The reason being, all of these needs considered:

  • The intended use of the grass (the type needs to stand up to its use without falling apart after a year or two)
  • The most suitable type of underlay to use (affects the grass longevity)
  • The visual aesthetics that you’d like to have (bowling and golf course short, or extended grass blades to mimic real garden grass)
  • The types of edging used


Not to mention the type of grass you’d like to use – There’s a fantastic range grass types shown below.

Decisions are best made based on knowledge. Once you decide you want artificial grass, make your next call Scot Turf. Tell us what you need and we’ll give you our expert opinion. No fluff, hyperbole or fuss. Just an honest-to-goodness expert opinion.


What’s more?

We’re As Green As Your New Artificial Grass Will Be!


One thing every member of the Scot Turf team share is the love for the Scottish outdoors. We work in all weathers and love it.
We’ve a high level of respect for everything nature. The natural landscape, wildlife, the environmental impact any of our projects can have and never fail to take our carbon footprint seriously.
• Whenever we can, we responsibly recycle (including aggregates)
• We use FSC approved timber (that means we source from well managed and high conservation forests. It’s economically viable, socially beneficial and environmentally appropriate.)
• Whatever material we don’t use, domestic or commercial, we dispose of responsibly using the most modern recycling facilities around Edinburgh. This minimises the use of landfill sites and lets others use what you and/or our team no longer need.
Something else to know…

We Care for All Animals and Can Provide the Only Proven Pet-Safe Artificial Grass Available


Dogs, cats, or for rabbit runs, the RealTurf’s artificial grass is the only one tested and designed for safe use with people and animals.

It provides:

  • Superior drainage
  • Anti-bacterial technology
  • Anti-odour technology


For people with pets, or pet facilities such as kennels with outdoor areas, this is the best option for people and pets to enjoy a hygienical friendly, odourless outdoor area that’s free from any bacteria and super easy to clean up too.

Our Range of Synthetic Grass


With Scot Turf, nothing’s generic. We stock a range of types and styles of artificial grass. Each one is designed to suit various environments. Distinct looks can be achieved so whatever you have in mind, we’ll have a style and synthetic material to match.

That said, some are best-suited to different purposes such as children’s play areas which in public spaces (commercial projects) must be fireproof. Around hot-tubs, ideally, you’d want good drainage and on sports grounds, hard wearing with superior bounce would be more suited. Or for general purpose in the garden, it might just be that you like one look better than others.
Images are below of the different types of artificial grass stocked and supplied by Scot Turf…

Have a look through our range and when you see any type(s) that you like, get in contact with us to request samples of any of the Scot Turf artificial Grass range.

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