Artificial Grass For Pets

There’s nothing a dog loves more than a nice lawn to run around on. Gardens are a great way for a dog to expend some energy, explore, laze in the sun and, of course, do their ‘business’. The combination of a dog and natural grass can cause problems, and is often the reason why many Scot Turf customers get in touch. All dog owners want the best for their beloved family pet, but they also want their lawn to look nice. Dogs have a habit of digging holes in the garden, inadvertently damaging the grass when they play on it, staining it with their urine and giving owners the constant problem of cleaning away faeces.

Professionally Installed Artificial Grass

With Scot Turf’s professionally-installed artificial grass, these problems all go away. The hard-wearing materials ensure the grass looks green and lush all year round, however much your family pet tries to destroy it. The problem of hole digging is completely eradicated and our product is stain and smell free and very easy to clean. You can even use disinfectant on artificial turf without harming the grass. Our entire range of artificial grass is completely safe and non-toxic with no danger whatsoever to your dog, cat or any other animal. Most importantly, dogs and cats absolutely love the soft feel of an artificial lawn, so they’ll still love to run and play outside, the only difference is that you’ll save time on cleaning and maintenance and you’ll never have to deal with a muddy dog at the back door again!