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Glasgow is the greenest city in Scotland! 13.5% of Glasgow is accessible green space. That’s everything from playgrounds, community areas, over 80 public parks (Pollock Park’s the largest covering 360 acres), public gardens (Inc. the 42-acre Botanical Gardens linking Glasgow to the West Highland Way), playing fields and allotments… There’s a lot of green space to take in, but it also means on dreary days, there’s mud, mess and a lot of cleaning up to do when you get indoors. Furthermore, your location in Glasgow or the surrounding areas, depending on the climate, like direct sunlight and rainfall, it may not be possible to grow and maintain the healthiest of grass.

The benefits of artificial grass Glasgow


That’s where Scot Turf come in. 


Scot Turf are experts in synthetic grass materials. No matter whether you’ve a lot of garden space, need something for a commercial project like a maintenance free picnic area to give your staff a peaceful picnic area to relax during breaks, or even for a hard-wearing kid’s play area that lives up to the elements of weather and high foot traffic – Scot Turf are well positioned to take care of any synthetic grass project.


Projects Scot Turf Cater to in Glasgow and Surrounding Areas


• Supply and installation of fireproof and hardwearing fake grass for kid’s play areas
• Synthetic grass with superior drainage for use around swimming pools and hot tubs
• General purpose artificial grass for domestic gardens – Providing the look of real grass without the maintenance.
• Anti-bacterial and anti-odour synthetic grass materials that’s the only pet-friendly type available. We can supply and install it.
• The most hardwearing of fake grass materials suitable for all outdoor events, including festival grounds.
• Durable and hardwearing artificial grass and superior underlay suitable for sports facilities
• All commercial projects requiring artificial grass that meets health and safety regulation standards.

How to Really Benefit from Artificial Grass by Scot Turf’s Glasgow Team


Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to switch to a synthetic grass. Sometimes it’s because it’s maintenance free, others appreciate the idea of no mess from mud more. Other times it’s a necessity and not a choice such as for an indoor sports area, or for a harder wearing ground suitable for kid’s play areas… whether that’s in your back garden or some spare ground attached to the side or back of a Glasgow family restaurant.


Scot Turf can transform any ground into a fully functional play area, rest area, picnic area or a space to use for any type of sport be that football, bowling or pitch and putt.
No matter why you want to make the switch, the only way to really benefit is to get the right type of artificial grass for the purpose you intend to use it for. Every type is on par with the look of real grass and even drains the same, sometimes better.


To make certain you get the best service, Scot Turf take care of both supply and installation ensuring your new artificial grass really is indistinguishable to real grass and serves the purpose you need.Whether that’s a protective surface for kid’s to play safely, pet-friendly and easily managed, or a general all-purpose lawn that’s beautiful to look and not a chore to maintain…

Scot Turf is your answer!

Truly industry-leading technology and a wide range of styles and types of artificial grass suitable for anywhere in the Glasgow region

Our Approach to Professionally Laying Artificial Grass


…Begins by listening to what you need your fake grass to do. The first step is deciding. The next step is making sure that every decision after that is based on knowledge and not just aesthetics.


The look is one thing. Function’s another. It can’t be ignored.


Before our team start preparation work for your new artificial grass to be laid, a thorough site inspection is done. It’s the reason we’re able to always get a professional finish that WOW’s customers. We just… well, we know our stuff when it comes to synthetic grass materials and how to lay it for the longest-lasting results.


Our assessments and the advice we provide includes:
• Going over the intended use of your new artificial grass and providing the options most suited to that use for you to decide which option you like best
• Providing advice on choosing the best type of underlay to use because that will affect the longevity of your new lawn area.
• Supplying the look of grass you want that matches what you want to do on the artificial grass. Our range includes short course synthetic fibre grasses to courser materials with longer grass blades to really mimic the look of real grass.

The absolute best way to get a professionally laid artificial grass surface is to base all your decisions on knowledge. Our team are experts in their craft, friendly to chat with and strive to help you make the best choice for your needs. Without ever being forceful.

Once you’ve decided artificial grass is the way you want to go, make your next call to Scot Turf!

Base all your next decisions on expert knowledge rather than looks alone.

Know this too…

We’re green (in the eco-way) animal lovers and love the Scottish Outdoors


Our team work in all weather conditions with no hesitation. We’re acclimatised to the Glasgow weather and know that one day can see four seasons.

Throughout our work, we always respect the outdoors, the wildlife, responsibily recycling and take our carbon footprint seriously.

How We Work on Your Site
• Wherever we can, we recycle (including any aggregates) at the most modern recycling plants in Glasgow.
• We source all timber from FSC approved sites. That means, forests that’s well-managed and have a high-conservation value. It delivers three benefits to us and you: Socially beneficial, economically viable, and environmentally friendly
• Upon completion of laying your new artificial lawn, we remove everything, whether that’s a commercial or domestic site. Whatever can be recycled is. Whatever can’t be, is disposed of in the most responsible way we can.
• And your site is thoroughly cleaned leaving you free to enjoy your new artificial lawn as soon as we’re finished thoroughly cleaning your site.

Now, if you have household pets…
We care about them as much as we do about putting a smile on your face. For any residential properties, or commercial properties such as kennels or catteries for which there’s numerous around Glasgow, RealTurf’s Artificial Grass is the way to go. It’s the only synthetic grass that’s designed and tested to be pet-friendly.

• It offers superior drainage
• Has anti-bacterial properties
• Offers anti-odour technologies ensuring there’s no foul smells left lingering.

All you have to do now is…

Check Out Our Product Range


As you’ll see from the images below, nothing’s generic with Scot Turf.
A range of types and styles of artificial grass are kept in stock. There’s something to suit any taste, style and purpose.

Whatever you have in mind, we’ll have a synthetic material that matches the look you’re after.
Question is… will it be fit for purpose?

When you see a type of artificial grass you like the look of, contact us to request a free sample. That’ll let you judge for yourself by feeling the thickness and texture of the synthetic material before you make any decisions.

Also, don’t be shy asking us any questions you have. We’re a friendly bunch, know our stuff and are more than happy to offer our expert advice without any obligation.

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