Why choose Scot Turf for artificial grass in  Kilmarnock?

The synthetic grass that was first introduced to sports venues in the 1980s and 90s has changed. Technology has advanced, and modern-day artificial grass has become an increasingly popular choice for those looking for an easy to maintain lawn that looks great all year round. Our synthetic turf looks virtually identical to the real thing and is a great option for homes with pets and young children. Read on for more information about the benefits of fake artificial grass Kilmarnock.

The benefits of artificial grass Kilmarnock 


Scot Turf supplies and installs the very best quality artificial grass in Kilmarnock. Our product, once professionally laid by our experienced team of experts, is virtually unrecognisable from the real thing.

The quality of modern artificial grass has come a long way from the early version that most people are familiar with from sports stadiums and leisure centres. Many people are now choosing artificial grass for a variety of purposes, including domestic use and for outdoor events, where appearance and hygiene is key.

If you have young children and want a hard-wearing, protective surface for your garden, have pets and want turf that can easily be cleaned, or simply want a beautiful-looking lawn where natural grass simply can’t grow, Scot Turf’s industry-leading artificial grass is the answer.

Laying the artificial turf  in Kilmarnock .


Deciding to buy artificial grass is the first step. There’s a lot to consider before the turf is laid, which is why it’s important to hire experts with experience of working on all types of ground. At Scot Turf, we can achieve the best possible finish because of one simply reason: we know what we’re doing.

We never supply and install artificial grass without assessing the area we work in and the intended use of the grass once it has been laid.

There are a number of factors to consider, such as the type of underlay to use, which will impact on how long the grass lasts. You also need to consider how high you want the grass to stand, what type of edging you want and what type of artificial grass you want – see our fantastic range below. There’s a lot to decide on, so make Scot Turf your first call and get the expert opinion.

We’re as green as our artificial grass


The team at Scot Turf love the outdoors and working in all weathers. We work with, and always respect, nature and the natural landscape and care about any impact we might have on the environment, so we take our carbon footprint seriously.

Wherever possible, our materials are recycled, including aggregates, and our timber is FSC approved, which means it is sourced from well-managed, high-conservation value forests that are economically viable, socially beneficial and environmentally appropriate.

Any material we remove from your site, whether domestic or commercial, is disposed of responsibly and taken to modern recycling facilities. This reduces the need to use landfill sites and enables others to make use of what you no longer need.

Pet Safe


RealTurf’s Artificial Grass is the only grass tested and designed to create the ideal surface for people and animals. Our artificial grass is the best option for you and your pets so you can enjoy a garden together that is clean and free from bacteria. 

Our Product Range


We don’t offer a generic artificial turf product, we stock a range of types and styles that are designed to fit in with a variety of different environments and provide a distinct look that matches the look you want to achieve.

Images of our different types of artificial grass are below. Some are best-suited to particular purposes, such as children’s play areas, the surround of a hot tub or pool, or for sports grounds, or you may simply prefer one look over another. To see samples of the full Scot Turf range, please get in touch.

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